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Welcome to Max Fitness London, I’m a qualified London-based personal trainer who takes an holistic approach to training to my clients. We work together on increasing your positive habits and reducing the ones you no longer need. Whilst that may sound slightly ‘knit your own sandals’ brigade, when you meet me, you’ll realise I am anything but. (except I do eat tofu and sprouting mung beans….).

​I am driven to always promote inclusive fitness, whatever barriers society throws at you, we will get your training the way we want, I am always finding new ways to get individuals ‘lifting heavy sh*t’. Despite being a vegan, a CrossFitter, a marathon and ultra-runner, I still gets invited to parties.

Choose your workout

Sessions will vary depending on your goals they can include anything from simple bodyweight sessions to circuits / Hiit and kettlebells workouts. We go at your pace, please remember I want you to love your training, for you to look forward to each session.

I will keep it varied and you will explore different ways of using your body. Teamwork.

My programmes are always bespoke, no two people are alike, your training programme will reflect that, I cannot do the same session for a 30 something former competitive dancer that I would for a 60-year-old who has never set foot in a gym.

  • All sessions are Monday -Friday 06:30hr – 19:00, other times are available, please get in touch for further details
  • PT & run coaching packages are available

My Rates



for 5 x 1 hour session pack.
£50 per hour when booked individually.

It’s all about you, you have my undivided attention (and nowhere to hide). Package includes a bespoke 4 week home / gym training plan, nutrional suggestions, calorie and macro calculations.



for 5 x 1 hour session pack.
£75 per hour when booked individually.

Got a buddy / loved one / neighbour / colleague who is ready to take the plunge with you? This is really good to keep each other accountable and on track. Package includes individual 4 week home / gym training plan, nutritional suggestions, calorie and macro calculations



for 4 x 1 hour sessions pack

Each client will receive individual calorie and macro calculations.



Make sure your teams are not only taking a break from their screens but getting outside and giving themselves a mental and physical reset during the working day. Improves cross-team cohesion and strengthen intra-team bonds (plus, who wouldn’t want to see their boss get a beasting)

DO YOU Fancy a Run?

Run Coaching

Sessions are focused on drills, form, warm-ups, stretches, and, most importantly, speed work! Peckham Rye is strictly for the flat work, Hilly Fields is a mix of hill drills and flat sprint work, changing each week.

  • Monday
    12:15 – 1:15

    Peckham Rye

    Meet inside the gate just past Scutari Road.

  • Wednesday
    17:45 – 18:45

    Hilly Field

    Meet by the café.

£12 drop in or £10 per session with a 10 pack @ £120

You can come to one, or both classes,  depending on how hard you fancy pushing yourself each week.

Boot camp

  • Monday
    09:30 – 10:30

    Upper body and core – women only

  • Wednesday
    09:30 – 10:30

    Core, core, core….back, front, sides. All genders

  • Friday
    09:30 – 10:30

    Lower body, and a touch of core. All genders

  • Saturday
    09:30 – 10:30

    Full body. All genders

“Bootcamp: 52 weeks a year we are out there killing it with the most sociable group Bootcamp in Dulwich. This is a Guilt-free zone. We come. We train. We walk away feeling like a bad-ass”

frequently asked questions

What if I’ve never trained before?

Beautiful! No bad gym habits to rehabilitate. If you’ve never trained before, it’s all good. I will talk you through each stage of what we do, from our initial meeting to the start of every training session together. We talk though any concerns, doubts, worries…anything that may try and be a barrier to us enjoying our session.

Is it ok to be totally clueless?

None of us where born knowing what we know now. We all had to learn, some of us have been lucky enough to have had fantastic teachers. Training is like giving someone a book you love….. you know how amazing it is and you want to share it, the book has to be digested paragraph….sentence…word…at a time.

What on earth do I wear?
Starting out with the basics, a good, supportive, sports bra and trainers for those with boobs, and just trainers, are perfectly fine, for those just starting out. Clothing needs to be layered and comfortable.

Will they judge me?

If they do that says more about them than you, quite apart from the fact we shall never know as we shall be too busy training like bad-asses.

Will I be in an environment where there are other (competent, fit, experienced) also training?
We train in a local park, or your house / garden. Sometimes we will train in a local PT gym, local outdoor gym. I can assure you that even if there are other people around, you’ll be so busy engaging with me that you won’t even notice them. (I cannot promise we wont both notice any cute pooches that walk past though).

Are they all fit?

Some might be fitter than you, others less fit than you. If they are there training too, you can assume they, like you, are doing their best to hit their health targets.

I can’t even do a press-up, will I be wasting your time?

Nothing could be further from the truth! We have a perfect baseline then, don’t we What if I can’t keep up with what you ask me to do? We go at your pace, this is not a race, it is about creating lovely habits that serve us well. I want you to love training as much as I do, I work hard to make sure it is an enjoyable experience. We work at your pace, this is your training session, we are not trying to keep up with the Jones’s…..unless your name is Jones.

Oh god, oh god, should I just sit on my couch and eat crisps instead? Etc

Absolutely! Just as soon as you’ve showered, because you were sweaty after our session together. If you’re heading into the kitchen, I’ll have a glass of wine too, please. I do not do body shaming, food shaming or attire shaming. Everyone is doing their best, I’m here to support you as you make the changes you’ve decided to make.

“It’s always exciting when you start working with a new client who just beginning their lifting journey, you can really build solid foundation of movements whilst watching them develop”

“I have loved training with Max, she has got me to a milestone birthday feeling fit & confident. Not only has the routine got me working hard but it has taught me key skills that I will continue”

Lynne R April 23, 2019

“Max is a highly-motivational and knowledgable personal trainer. She listened carefully to what I needed and created a time-efficient workout to suit my work and family schedule. I feel fitter, stronger and happier and have adopted the routines for life. My arms are toned, I enjoy running and I’m confident at the gym. Max is brilliant at working out what makes you tick and adapting the training for great results – both physical and emotional. ”

Beatrice. SJanuary 10, 2019

“Max is such a supportive and caring coach even when she’s pushing to smash my pbs. Wide range of knowledge.”

Nicky WDecember 2019

“Max will take you beyond where you think your limits are. I laugh and learn, a lot, every time I see her. She really knows what she’s talking about and it will do you good to listen”

Carla MDecember 2019



Tel: 07921 26 66 76



L3 Personal Trainer
England Athletics Leadership in Running for Fitness
Group Cycle Instructor
Suspension fitness instructor
Kettlebell Instructor
Circuit Instructor

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